As an executive, you face a multitude of business and organizational challenges and interpersonal conflicts that you are expected to confront and resolve. At the same time, you are striving to fulfill your legacy as the successful leader and person you want to be. The truth is that you cannot separate your role as a leader from the rest of your life. It is who you are.

In all facets of your life, Edgar will help you confront difficult decisions and take the necessary action. He will engage you in understanding how your choices align to your motivations and personal values and beliefs. He applies his uniquely holistic approach to support your vision and goals, and the attainment of your desired goals and legacy.

Edgar takes an integrated approach to coaching that focuses on who you are and what you wish to accomplish. Bringing together areas of development that are typically offered as separate fields of leadership knowledge and competency, he works with his clients on the broad span of business and personal challenges they face. This includes strategic thinking, organizational culture and teaming, communication skills, conflict management, and self-knowledge.

Edgar brings together a blend of business experience, leadership psychology, and conflict management expertise that is rare among executive coaches and is why he is a globally recognized leader in business and leadership coaching. For the past 30 years, CEOs and executives of early-stage companies and small start-ups, medium size companies, and multi-national and Fortune 200 organizations have engaged Edgar. To improve team results, he often supports his coaching clients by working with their teams, helping them to overcome misalignments, conflict, and interpersonal issues, as well as in the succession planning process.

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