For the successful implementation of change, the CEO and team leading the organization must be in alignment, working cohesively and effectively together toward a shared vision, and the successful development and implementation of an aligned strategy. This requires a set of strategic initiatives that focus on the innovative delivery of the customer experience, and the alignment of brand intention and culture. Ultimately, success is dependent on the alignment of leadership.

Developed over two decades of successful application, the True Alignment® framework and research from Innovation by Design offer a powerful set of strategic planning insights and practical solutions to the most important challenge for today’s businesses—the need for alignment resulting in relevant innovation. This involves the facilitation of strategic conversations with CEOs, executives, and senior leadership teams to define and obtain desired future states for their organizations, and creating strategies for innovation and alignment.

Whether working with a team that may be struggling or helping a team that is already functioning and wishes to move to the next level, Edgar designs the strategic planning process to fit the unique culture and needs of each client.

He works with CEOs and teams to facilitate the definition of their strategic priorities and remove barriers to performance, resulting in greater levels of mutual accountability, clear roles, well articulated and agreed upon performance measurements. In doing so, he works with teams in building the trust required for open communication and the constructive management of conflict among its members.

Consulting and coaching services:

  • Facilitation of strategic conversations and retreats with executives, Boards, and senior leadership teams to define and obtain desired future states for their organizations;
  • Delivery of tailored one and two-day True Alignment workshops;
  • Consulting and facilitation of organizational culture design and alignment;
  • Innovation process alignment and facilitation;
  • Integration of customer experience into corporate strategy, including branding;
  • Team alignment consulting and coaching; and,
  • Executive and leadership coaching.

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