As the result of over two decades of experience and study that includes some of the most innovative and high performing organizations in the world, the True Alignment® framework provides a powerful tool through which to assess your organization’s culture. The result is an approach to more intentionally design and develop cultures of innovation that differs from any of the approaches of the past. It provides a proven method that delivers the ability to design and align your organization’s culture to your customer’s experience.

  • The True Alignment Culture Survey is a simple to administer, software-based assessment that can be quickly and easily administered to any size organization.
  • The survey results are delivered in a comprehensive report that utilizes 12 Culture Keys to provide a profile of what is, and what is not, aligned and working in your culture.
  • The report can be tailored to provide results by organizational level, functional groups or departments, teams, as well as other demographics.
  • The framework provides a measurable means to benchmark your culture and from which to assess its future development and alignment.
  • The report helps in identifying the misalignments that result in the conflict and dysfunction, and provide a problem-solving focus to confronting and managing them more effectively.
  • The True Alignment framework supports the survey by providing a proven approach to the development of leaders, resulting in aligned leadership at all levels of an organization.
  • Reporting is supported by consulting services, including the further interpretation of results, the facilitation of culture design and alignment, applied strategic planning, and the training and coaching of HR and Organizational Development staff.

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