It takes a unique alchemy to be an exceptional speaker, consultant and coach, requiring a blend of knowledge, experience, philosophical insight, and authentic humanity. Edgar Papke displays this rare blend. Through curiosity and empathy, he explores who we are and invites us to grow and align to our individual and collective intention, and evolve in our relationships to one another. Whether on the subjects of leadership, culture, innovation, or the topic of life itself, Edgar offers us a path to greater alignment and fulfillment.

As a consultant, author, speaker and coach, Edgar Papke is dedicated to helping organizations, teams, and leaders improve their alignment and achieve greater levels of success and fulfillment.

Edgar is globally recognized as an organizational and leadership psychologist, and foremost expert in the alignment and innovative development of organizations, teams, and leadership. Working with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, multi-national organizations, and governments to small businesses, startups, and individuals, he brings his creative and unique life experiences to all his offerings, including his keynote speeches, workshops, and personal and team coaching.

Recognition and accomplishments:

  • He has delivered over 2,700 keynote speeches and talks.
  • Worldwide, over 20,000 CEOs, executives and leaders have attended Edgar’s workshops and programs.
  • He is the bestselling author of the books True Alignment and The Elephant In The Boardroom and coauthor of the new book, Innovation By Design.
  • An award-winning speaker, Edgar consistently ranks worldwide by over 21,000 CEOs as one of the most impactful speakers, providing unique views on business innovation, leadership, and constructive conflict: 2013 Vistage Impact Speaker Of The Year & 2006 International Speaker Of The Year.
  • He mentors a worldwide group of True Alignment practitioners and coaches.
  • His ideas and writing have been featured by a broad variety of publications, blogs and outlets, among them: Huffington Post, Fast Company, FOX News, Forbes, TED, AMA’s Playbook, Success Magazine, CIO, Investor’s Business Daily, and Smartblog,
  • He has served as a host for public television and radio.
  • Edgar is certified by the Center for Conflict Resolution and is an expert in Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  • Edgar holds a degree from The Culinary Institute of America, has received numerous awards including receiving the CIA’s prestigious Frances Roth Award and named as “The new breed of American Chef” by the NY Times.
  • As a singer-songwriter, he has released three albums, has performed worldwide, and was named to the Save The Music Foundation’s Honor Roll.



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